How I Made $2200 in 21 Hours From Scratch via an Obscure Side Hustle

How I Made $2200 in 21 Hours From Scratch via an Obscure Side Hustle

I love to experiment – to try something just to see if I can do it, and what I can learn from it. And I love to dream about businesses I could start – like a side hustle – and how I would start them. Smashing those two loves together brings us to this experiment.

The goal was simple – at least to talk about. In just 30 days I wanted to start a business that was profitable. It had to be online, but I wanted to do it without creating a website or creating a lot of complex infrastructure. Simple, simple, simple.… Keep on reading on!

[Experiment] How Sending a Daily Email To a Dead List Produced 3x The Profit of a Weekly Email

How Often Should You Mail Your List?

There are as many opinions as people. Some say you can’t bother your subscribers, and should only send once a month or so. Others say that daily email is fine. And then there’s everything in between.

I have an opinion about what is right. Like most people with their opinions, I think I’m right. But it would be better to test it – and prove my rightness. Or wrongness.



What I Do

I email my lists five days a week. It’s an approach I learned from Ben Settle, and Ryan Lee also talks about it a lot.… Keep on reading on!

A Reformed Freelance Writer Explores Why Online Business Is (So, So Much) Better Than Freelancing

‘Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the others.’Sir Winston Churchill

I’m going to start this new blog off with a favorite topic – I’m going to talk about myself. That’s straight out of the text book: always talk about yourself immediately after meeting new people. Folks love that.

I made my living as a freelance writer for 13 years. And for good portions of that time – especially later on – I felt about my job like Churchill felt about government. I wouldn’t have traded freelancing for working in an office or having a real job – I wouldn’t even have considered it.

Keep on reading on!